Folding Machines

HEFTER Systemform, a German manufacturer, has been one of the leading companies in optimizing office, mailing and print finishing for more than 50 years. HEFTER Systemform offers powerful products and solutions for the office environment and graphic applications to its customers in more than 50 countries. Their professional Customer Support guarantees an optimum output of the machines aiming to reduce time wasted on post-print processes. Mastertype has been the partner of HEFTER for the past decade in Cyprus. With our expertise and extensive knowledge, Mastertype is ready to offer HEFTER products and support with after-sale service.

The perfect solution for a variety of inserting requirements. There are a lot of unique requirements for inserting systems:

• Mailings, invoices, official orders or enclosures – pre-folded or not – are to be processed with different envelope sizes
from C6/5 up to C4.

• Switching to different envelope sizes should be done at the push of a button.

• Customized mails should be inserted fully automatically with a control character code – e.g. a barcode, 2-D code
or OMR.

• A control method for documents is required before inserting them into the envelopes.

• Set-up times for a program change should be as short as possible.

• For increasing requirements a system should also be modularly extensible.

SI 5250 Inserting Machine